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Last version: (Early Access)
Public Version: 0.5 Experimental V2 (Download link on discord)

1. Download
2. Unzip the content inside "SteamSkins", if the skins folder does not exist create it.
3. Open "Steam" Then Go To "Settings", And Click "Interface" Tab
4. Select Fluent for Steam and restart.

Installation instructions:

Windows 7-10 Must Download This Font

About This Project

"This is a simple skin which turns the old steam design into a completely new one, it is inspired by the Microsoft Store Fluent Design template that launched with Windows 11."

Fluent for Steam is a skin that is based on the "Windows 11 design principles". Mainly inspired by the new design of the Microsoft Store, that can be found in the latest version of Windows 11. This gave a great challenge since I redesigned the old Steam scheme and created a left sidebar, like what you see in the images on the sides, this includes more interactive icons, a new download bar and a much more modern style.

This skin starts from the base code of the Metro for Steam 4.4 by minischetti and Unofficial Patch MetroSkin from RedSigma. Although, the future plan is to get rid of these dependencies since they have some obsolete files when compared to the new versions of steam.



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